May 23, 2024
37.340.010 ltda restaurante coma bem porto alegre

37.340.010 ltda restaurante coma bem porto alegre is a company registry number in Brazil. The last few digits “ltda” indicate that the company is a Limited Liability Company (LTD). The phrase “restaurante coma bem porto alegre” translates to “Coma Bom restaurant in Porto Alegre”. Porto Alegre is a city in southern Brazil known for its beautiful beaches, lively nightlife, and diverse culinary scene.

37.340.010 ltda restaurante coma bem porto alegre

The restaurant “Coma Bem” in Porto Alegre, officially known as 37.340.010 ltda restaurante coma bem porto alegre is a culinary haven that offers a delightful gastronomic experience reflecting the rich flavors and traditions of the region. Here are some details about the establishment:

  1. Overview: The restaurant emerged as a prominent culinary establishment in the heart of Porto Alegre, offering a beacon of culinary brilliance and a memorable dining experience.

  2. Founding Philosophy: The core values and philosophy of the establishment underline their dedication to creating memorable dining experiences for patrons.

  3. Menu Offerings: The restaurant offers a diverse and delectable menu showcasing the fusion of local and international cuisines, with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients.

  4. Signature Dishes: There are signature dishes at the restaurant that have captivated the palates of visitors, featuring intricate flavors and culinary finesse.

  5. Ambiance and Hospitality: The restaurant provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, characterized by elegant decor and cozy seating arrangements, contributing to a memorable dining experience. Furthermore, the attentive and personalized service provided by the staff underscores their commitment to hospitality.

  6. Business Details:

    • CNPJ: 37.340.010/0001-86
    • Inscrição Estadual RS: 165/0192271
    • Razão Social: Audrey Bernardino da Costa LTDA
    • Nome Fantasia: Restaurante Coma Bem
    • Data da Abertura: 05/06/2020
    • Porte: Micro Empresa
    • Natureza Jurídica: Sociedade Empresária Limitada
    • Opção pelo Simples: Sim
    • Capital Social: R$ 300.000,00
    • Tipo: Matriz
    • Situação: Ativa
  7. Contact Information:

    • Email: [email protected]
    • Telefone: (51) 99892-6962 (Ligar) (Whatsapp) and Phone+55 51 98429-2821
    • Localização: Avenida Benjamin Constant, 849, Bairro São João, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, CEP 90550-004
  8. Activities:

    • The restaurant falls under the CNAE code 56.11-2-01, which includes the activities of selling and serving prepared food, with or without alcoholic beverages, to the general public, with complete service.

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A Culinary Journey at 37.340.010 Ltda Restaurante Coma Bem

With regards to feasting out, food is the superstar. At 7.340.010 ltda restaurante coma bem porto alegre Trance like state Bem, you can expect a culinary excursion that will tempt your taste buds. The menu offers a large number of choices, from customary Brazilian dishes to worldwide flavors. Whether you’re a meat sweetheart, a veggie lover, or have explicit dietary prerequisites, this café has something for everybody.

The cooks at 7.340.010 ltda restaurante coma bem porto alegre are known for their meticulousness and utilization of new, top notch fixings. Each dish is painstakingly ready to guarantee an ideal equilibrium between flavors and surfaces. Whether you attempt their scrumptious steak, tasty fish, or their delightful vegan choices, you will not be frustrated.

A Cozy Ambiance and Excellent Service

Other than the food, the feel and administration at an eatery can significantly upgrade the general feasting experience. 7.340.010 ltda restaurante coma bem porto alegre succeeds in the two regions. The eatery’s comfortable inside is intended to cause you to feel invited and loose. The warm lighting, happy with seating, and elegant stylistic layout make a lovely climate that is ideally suited for both private meals and bigger social occasions.

The staff at 7.340.010 ltda restaurante coma bem porto alegre is known for their benevolence and impressive skill. They exceed all expectations to guarantee that each visitor feels in capable hands. From the second you step through the entryway until you leave, you can anticipate mindful and customized administration. Whether you really want suggestions from the menu or have explicit dietary demands, the staff will gladly help you.


In the event that you’re in Porto Alegre and searching for a remarkable feasting experience, 7.340.010 ltda restaurante coma bem porto alegre ought to be at the first spot on your list. With its flavorful menu, comfortable mood, and superb help, this café offers all that you really want for an important feast. Whether you’re praising a unique event or essentially need to enjoy flavorful food, 7.340.010 ltda restaurante coma bem porto alegre will not frustrate. Plan your visit today and indulge yourself with a remarkable feasting experience!

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